Fatiha al-Nuhu

Poet and writer. Has a degree in political science. Has published two volumes of poetry and a one of fiction.
Nohu launched her career in journalism in 2001, working nationally. She later switched to international journalism and had worked as an editor of the journal "Arab women" from 2003 to 2014.
Since 2016 she has been focusing on women, working at the magazine "women from Morocco."
She spent a year working on a series of stories for the program Laki, broadcast on Morocco's channel 1 – a series of portraits of women in politics, culture, and the sciences. She has created three stories for Hunna on Alhurra channel, about prominent Moroccan women.


The World is Alright: an Interview with the Moroccan Artist Youssef Wahboun

In this interview, the artist Youssef Wahboun reveals the secret of his despairing view of the world: love of humanity, independent of identity - ideological, ethnic, or racial. Anything that happens, even in the remotest place, irritates and pains him, and yet he insists on dreaming that the future of humanity will be better. In his exhibition at The French Institute in Rabat, this belief is evident in the butterflies that pervade his works as a chromatic echo conferring glamor upon a dark reality.