Mine Kaplangı

Mine Kaplangı (she, her) is an independent curator and arts mediator based in London. She is the co-founder of the curatorial collective Collective Çukurcuma (2015) and KUTULU (2021). She worked as an artist representative and curator at BLOK art space Istanbul between 2014-18. Together with Collective Cukurcuma, they have been curating public programmes of exhibitions and running their reading group events as an ongoing transdisciplinary project since 2016. She received her bachelor's degree in Philosophy at Istanbul University and (Certificate Programme) in Philosophy of Arts & Aesthetics at Bologna University/ DAMS Faculty. She is currently working as a freelance publicity manager at a cross-cultural, multilingual, experimental publisher, Pamenar Press (London).

Love Letters

Love Letters is an exchange of letters and poems between two collaborators, work partners but also good friends who used to share the same city but departed due to personal decisions. As the co-founders of Collective Çukurcuma, Mine Kaplangi and Naz Cuguoglu have been experimenting on collective writing in recent years. For this special issue they write Love Letters to one another.