Wisam Gibran

Born in 1970 in Nazareth, he is a writer, music scholar, and composer. In 1994 he received his Master's degree in musical composition from Moscow's Tchaikovsky conservatory. He holds another Master's from Hoch Schule Hanns Eisler in Berlin, where he has also completed his Ph.D. in musical composition.

He founded the Arab-Jewish Youth Orchestra in 2000. In 2013 he founded a music academy in Nazareth, still running it. He has published three poetry volumes, alongside papers and translations. Gibran has so far composed hundreds of musical works for solo instruments, as well as arrangements for voice and instruments, and works for orchestras and for film and stage productions.


On the Corrupt in Art (a reading of Hannan Abu-Hussein's artworks)

The musician, artist, and poet Wisam Gibran suggests a socio-cultural reading of four works by the Palestinian artist Hannan Abu-Hussein's - Agina (Dough), Pouring the Oil, Bukjia (Bundle), In Between the Destruction of the Father - as representatives of inner worlds reflecting art's association with the cycle of life and death, movement and stillness, the sacred and the forbidden, the presence and the absence.