Chapter II: The Rising and the Trembling

In the second chapter of the comics column about the travels of the Hassid and illustrator, Reb Schneur Zalman Mendelovitch, we find him in India during the Uprising of the Doubters, headed by their leader, Doubting Thomas.


English translation (scroll the image from right to left):

Reb Schneur first stops in a land
That is near sometimes
But far from others,
That has risen against its masters.

Chapter 2: The Rising and the Trembling

Thomas: "Circumcise yourselves to Thomas
and rescind the foreskins of your hearts!"
And Reb Schneur fell in with the Doubters
Who have shed the yoke of Hosts.

Thomas: "I doubt!
That this elephant is an elephant!
That this soldier is a soldier!
That our Queen is our Queen!"

Reb Schneur: "Pray tell, who is this Queen
Who is not?"

Elephant: "Not is Victoria, Queen of the English,
Her Majesty, on the glorious throne of India.
Come my friend, climb on into me."

The rise of uncertainty is greater
Than the doubt nesting
In Reb Schneur’s trembling heart.
Escaping Hosts,
Into the beast’s maw
He climbs.

As the opening shuts, the flame of doubt in Reb Schneur melts
on the mild tongue
between Plenty and Thirst.