Chapter IV: The Rinsing and the Ejection

In the fourth chapter of Mendelovitch's travels, after being ejected from the Beast's belly, he and his companion bathe and dine with the Luvioubi faithful and the Gvir Sassoon. 


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The Elephant's ejected come to another city,
And a day as great as a furnace
Bakes upon their faces
The stomach’s remains.


Chapter 4: The Rinsing and the Ejection

Soldier: This here I know this
And that over there has been there
And here therefore there is something….
Yes! Here we are!

Washing – Dressing – Consuming – Free Pass

Soldier: We are saved! The Beast has carried us
To the house of the Luvioubi faithful.
Here we shall bathe and dine until fountains be dispersed.

Mendelovitch: Will they instruct us in the ways of the Queen?

Soldier: Gvir1 Sassoon
Has a finger in every pie and shop.
He is well acquainted with
The spheres of the kingdom
And the psalms of power.

Mendelovitch: Then let us cleanse ourselves!

With roiling torrents
Of bubbles and suds and ointments,
The bathing Luviouvians, headed by Gvir Sassoon,
Welcomed the damp Mendelovitch and his soldier.

Psalm of the Faithful:

Water flows, water flows,
But I am still dry;
My soul is parched, my soul is parched,
And my body tired;
Rinse, rinse, turn, and turn,
More, more, round and round:
Wash my head with joy!

Their heads washed, their towels draped, and their loins dried,
They came back to dine.
Gvir Sassoon divided the festive fowl,
Addressing his lads:

Sassoon: The days
Of our Queen Victoria,
Have expired,
And her seat has sundered in this land,
And with her we turn away from doubt.

Place your hands upon your loins
And turn your faces to the River Yarqon.
We are rinsed.
May it be that we be made by her,
By our Queen and the remains of her land.

Mendelovitch was swept away,
Across the land of the great Queen,
Accompanied by the Gvir and the Soldier

Upon the Sea of Stench.



  • 1. ‘Gvir’ designates in Hebrew a wealthy and respected member of the community, who would often engage in philanthropic endeavors.